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The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE: Abortion in the U.S. Today (Spanish subtitles)

This compelling documentary examines the erosion of abortion rights and access in the U.S. today. Medical and surgical abortions are still technically legal and available in most states. However, safe, legal procedures still remain out of reach for many women. Cost factors, travel distance, and strict legislation create barriers to access, particularly for low-income women.
Intimate interviews with abortion providers, clinic workers, and the women who seek their services reveal the impact of socio-economic factors, local and state imposed legal restrictions, inadequate access to care and an atmosphere of harassment and violence.

First person reports from doctors and the women they serve, supportive counselors, pro-choice religious leaders, and others poignantly show how "legal" does not necessarily mean "accessible".
The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE takes an unflinching look at where abortion services are now, 35 years after Roe v. Wade.

This version has Spanish subtitles.

A DVD disc image (ISO) of this program can be downloaded from here.

Run time 57:00
Producer Dorothy Fadiman, Beth Seltzer
Production Company Concentric Media
Sponsor KTEH-TV
Audio/Visual sound, color
Contact Information Concentric Media


Director: Dorothy Fadiman
Producer: Beth Seltzer
Executive Producer: Danny McGuire
Camera: Daniel Meyers and Blake McHugh
Production Team: Kristin Atwell, Mika Buser-Ferris, Danielle Renfrew
Editor: Nila Bogue
Music: Erika Luckett


Reviewer: Apeism is Stupid - - October 2, 2013
Subject: The Only Promise is an End To Unjustified Murder
There is no such thing as a safe abortion. In every abortion there is a life killed, many women go through the rest of their life being depressed and emotionally torn because of the fact that they did kill their baby, and some women still die while in the process of having an abortion. Abortions just aren't safe. Just type 'died during abortion' into GOOGLE, and there are almost 13 MILLION results because of botched abortions, where the mother dies, along with the baby.

Abstinence is the safest way, and adoptions are also another 'safe' option. Abortions should still be illegal, except for when the mother's life is endangered, which is well under 1% of the time. Rapes are another excuse for keeping abortions legal, even though those are also less that 1% of the time. The truth is, abortions are legal out of convenience for those 99% who didn't want to keep their pants on... and used as another form of birth control. Abortion is not health care for the mother... and it's a holocaust for 60+ MILLION innocent babies (in the U.S. alone) that are conceived, are alive, and then torn apart, limb by limb, by abortionists, and thrown in the trash can.

Abortions should never be used as birth control, and should never be considered as health care, since at least one life is ALWAYS taken.

As I type this, I'm reminded of when Steven Tyler, the lead singer for Aerosmith, forced his girlfriend, Julia Holcomb, to have an abortion while she was in the hospital after almost losing her life in a house fire. The saline abortion FAILED, but Tyler proceeded to have his baby son killed OUTSIDE the womb, which he continues to not tell the truth to what actually happened (watch the YouTube video: watch?v=ga2ETgekOgg). Such people are worse than the most rabid animal.

The only people who come out ahead in the deal, are the abortionists who make MILLION$ of dollar$ each year from killing babies. Judgment Day is still coming, though.
Reviewer: DLopez - - December 4, 2012
Subject: Muy Importante!
Mi Espanol es muy poquito. So, in English: So much of what is denied women today hits hardest the Latina community. They have the least access to quality health care, and the least access to education and resources for choice. There was a real dedicated push by many Latino/Latina organizations in the past election to get more people registered to vote. Additionally, President Obama was the first President since JFK to actually visit Puerto Rico in his election tour. Kudos! Thanks to Dorothy for insuring her important films are subtitled en Espanol.
Reviewer: passionatefilms - - December 4, 2012
Subject: Let's Be Honest
Some form of abortion has been around since women discovered herbs and tinctures that could help them when something wasn't right. What ever the reason or need, every women has and should keep the right to choose. That means every single option needs to be made available. But abortion is not going to just magically go away, even when it was not legal. This is about making them safe when they are needed. This film is sensitively done, and I for one am thankful for Dorothy's work on this issue.
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